What did he do?

Well, First of all, he spilt soda on my brand new shoes, tried to make out with my Ex-girl friend Krista at the mall and his flatten all my tires on my car. Secondly, he never says Hi or Bye when he come in my house, he all ways still my cigarette lighters and he never gives me rent money for staying at my house, and that’s why I kick his ass, yes,” that why his face is broken in twelve different places. An yes that is why I took his girl friend Lisa and showed her a good time in the back seat of my brand new car, because I hate his freak’en guts; if I could, I would slap his father, for creating the dumb little stupid freak. So, there you have it. That what he did and that’s why I put his ass in the hospital for two weeks.

And if you see him before I do, tell’em that I told you, that when he’s gets out the hospital that I need my rent money plus tax for annoying the hell out of me.

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